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Teddy Bear Cubs Utilities


Teddy Bear Squad Cubs is a collection of baby teddy bears bred by the OG Teddy Bear Squad members!

30% Royalties Back

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For start we will give 30% of the royalties to one of our holders every two weeks. 

Once the volume will increase to at-least 10 purchase per day for ±1 week we will start developing system that will split between all of our holders. 

Royalties meaning - Royalties from NFTs  give the original owner a percentage of the sale price each time the NFT creation is sold on a marketplace (like OpenSea). The average NFT royalty typically ranges from 5-10% (we take 5%).

To get a chance to win the royalties, your baby bears must be unlisted on OpenSea **OR** listed above the floor price that our community decided.

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Exclusive Merchandise

Depending on which baby bears you hold, you'll be able to purchase exclusive matching merchandise of that nation

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$TOYS Shop Discount

Each Baby bear will give you a 4% discount on each purchase that you’ll make in our $TOYS store!! (max of 20% discount per purchase) - some of our traits in $toys store will be with time limits, so you may want to get the maximum chance to buy those before they're sold out.

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Name your cub

Each holder will be able to change his cub name. In order to make him unique and more personally.


Metaverse Entry Ticket

Baby bears will be your entry ticket for any web3 game/metaverse that we will integrate with. We're currently combining with the Worldwide Web3 game.



Join the Cubs community and be a part of the Teddy Bear Squad family ! 

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